From the time I was a young child I have heard the stories of the Forsgren siblings: of John Erik's missionary journey back to Sweden, of how he found his very ill brother Peter Adolph whom he blessed and healed, of how his sister Christina Erika had had a vision that a man would come bearing books that she was to look at and pay attention to...and, of course, the very common reference to Peter Adolph being the first baptized convert to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in all of Scandinavia. The stories have been repeated in Church media for years, particularly on the anniversaries of various Scandinavian events.

John Erik Forsgren was a great force for good and growth for the early burgeoning church membership. It is stated by those who knew him then that he embraced the doctrine with great zeal and preached firm and fiery sermons. He led a group of Saints across the ocean and into the Salt Lake Valley, encouraging them and admonishing them all the way. He served in the Mormon Battalion.

It is also true that later in his life, for reasons we don't totally understand, he became disenchanted with the Church - or more accurately, with some of its leaders. He began to be very vocal in his statements against Brigham Young whom he felt had cheated him out of a land inheritance due him from his service in the Battalion. At this point people said of him that he became cantankerous and a religious fanatic. He set up a tent on the East Bench of Salt Lake City and began preaching his own form of religion. At first he had followers, but over time lost the attention of local residents and was ignored. Tragic events occurred in his life which are referred to in other blog posts. He died in great poverty after living for a time in Idaho, then wandering homeless in Utah - a nonmember of the Church he had earlier embraced with such zeal.

This part of the story is, of course, very distressing to his descendants who for many years did not want to talk about the last years of his life. But I feel that accurate history is honest history. Not addressing an unpleasant event does not change the event. What was, was. What OUR responsibility is is to not judge. We did not walk in his shoes or live inside his head. It is our job to look at the entirety of the life of this unique man, admire him for the incredible contributions he made and not be overly critical of things we don't know much about. John E. kept a huge journal of his life. The greatest tragedy for us is that that 720 page manuscript has disappeared and we can't know all that he related in it.

This blog was created for the purpose of setting forth all the information about John Erik Forsgren that I have been able to glean from as many sources as I could. It is very much a work in progress. It is my hope that his numerous and wonderful descendants might contribute, correct, question and help verify any data I have included here...and, that ultimately this be a means of reaching out to others who want to know more of this man. I have come to reverence and respect him as I have worked on details of his life and the individuals connected to him by blood and marriage. As keeper of the Forsgren Family Association Archives it is my great pleasure to offer up what information we have. Believe me, there is nothing that better "turns our hearts to our fathers" than researching details and events of their lives. Enjoy!

Adele Manwaring Austin, July 2010


Monday, June 21, 2010

DESCENDANTS OF JEF - Sarah Alice Forsgren

Second child of John Erik Forsgren and Sarah Bell Davis
born 12 July 1854, Brigham City, Utah;  Died 12 Mar 1935, Salt Lake City, Utah
     Sarah Alice Forsgren was known as Alice during her lifetime.  I do not believe that there is any written history of her life.  I have learned what I can and only wish I knew more detail.  She appears to have been a woman who had a successful career and was well-liked.  In this photo (which is taken with her two brothers) she is superbly dressed and stylish.  She was, in fact, an accomplished dressmaker and had parlors in Brigham City & Park City, Utah, and in Ashton, Idaho Falls, and St. Anthony, Idaho.  Though successful, her early life seems to have been one of insecurity.   Here is what I have gleaned and analyzed in timeline format: 

  • 1854,  12 July   Brigham City, Utah         Sarah Alice is born to John Erik Forsgren and Sarah Bell Davis.  Five days later on 17 July 1854 her father marries Harriet Frances Noon Smith, the widow of David Smith.  This marriage is performed by Heber C. Kimball.
  • 1858          Alice is four years old.  Her father and mother have divorced.  John E. has married or been sealed twice more:  to Christina Neilsen (about whom I know nothing) and to a woman named Ingeburg who is from Denmark - a widow with two sons.
  • 1859, 11 Oct.   Box Elder Co.        Alice is five years old.  Her mother marries Joseph C. Clapper.
  • 1860.          Alice is 5 and enumerated in the Moroni, Sanpete Co., Census with her father John E, his wife Ingeburg and her brothers and step-brothers.  Her mother, Sarah Bell Clapper,  is  several months pregnant with twins - a boy and a girl which she delivers in October.  (She is also enumerated with her mother and Mr. Clapper in Brigham City!)
  • 1862, May 8.  Sanpete Co.         Ingeborg is granted a divorce from John Erik Forsgren based on her complaint that he has neglected her and has not provided for her.  It is not known who is caring for Alice and her two brothers - probably her grandparents, Sarah McKee and William B Davis.
  • 1863,  17 Nov.        Alice is only 9 years old.  Her mother Sarah Bell passes away one month after delivering her 3rd child to Mr. Clapper.  Even more tragically ALL of Sarah Ann's children by Mr. Clapper pass away this same year.  
  • 1870.         Alice is age 15.  She is enumerated in the 1870 Brigham City, Box Elder Co., Census with her grandmother, Sarah McKee Davis and her brother John H.  Sarah McKee is enumerated in the household next to William Davis, her husband, who is enumerated with Christina Erika [Forsgren] Davis.  Erika is Alice Forsgren's aunt, the sister to her father, John Erik Forsgren and plural wife of William Davis.
  • 1870, 10 Oct.         Alice is 16.   She is sealed to Hyrum James Smith in the Endowment House.  Hyrum is 7 years older than she is.   There seems to be a deep connection between the Forsgren and Smith families of Brigham City which will be discussed further on.   Was this an arranged marriage to help care for Alice?  
  • 1876, 4 Sept or Nov.       Alice, at age 22 and Hyrum have one child together, a girl, Imogene (referred to often as just "Gene" or "Jean").  She will be their only child together.
  • 1878, 5 Aug.       The Probate Court of Box Elder Co. grants a divorce to Hyrum James Smith from Sarah Alice Forsgren Smith.  No cause is given in the proceedings. Hyrum is required to pay $6 per month child support to Alice who retains custody of their daughter.  (Interestingly it is Judge Samuel Smith, Hyrum's father, who signs the divorce decree).   Alice afterwards takes back her maiden name of Forsgren which she retains until her death.  On 30 Dec 1878 Howard James Smith  marries Cornelia Elvira Walker in Brigham City.
     It appears that Alice was very close to her brother John Heber.  It is possible that some day we could find some of HIS descendants who might have other photos or memories of Alice.   She and John H lived within a few blocks of each other in Salt Lake City when Alice was in her declining years.

 Alice Forsgren's obituary photo 1935

In the DUP's History of Box Elder County, the following is written in the millinery section in the chapter named "Industries in the Home", p. 103.
     "Miss Alice Forsgren was one of Brigham City's very efficient dressmakers.  Later she established a millinery shop on Main Street.  Miss Forsgren has also established successful millinery shops in different parts of Idaho."   [As of Sept. 2011 I have been unable to pinpoint where on Main street Alice's shop was located.  She lived in Bear Lake Co, Idaho for a while and also in Ashton, Idaho where she followed her daughter Imogene and her husband Edgar Cary.  Locations of some of her shops are listed in the following obituaries]

Census of 1930 Alice is listed among the residents of the Sarah Daft Home in Salt Lake City

OBIT:  Salt Lake Tribune - Wednesday March 13,1935 p.7
        Miss Alice Forsgren, 80, died Tuesday at 12:30 a.m. at her residence, 737 Thirteenth East street, of causes incident to age.
     Miss Forsgren was born in Salt Lake City on June 12, 1854, a daughter of John E. and Sarah Bell Davis Forsgren.  She established one of the first dressmaking establishments in Brigham City and later resided and conducted dressmaking parlors in Park City and Idaho Falls, St. Anthony and Ashton, Idaho.
     She retired about 12 years ago and entered the Sarah Daft home.
     Surviving is a brother, John H. Forsgren, Salt Lake City.
     Funeral services will be conducted Thursday at 1 p.m. in the S.T. Ricketts funeral chapel.  Burial will take place in the family plot in Brigham City cemetery.

Deseret Evening News March 12,1935 p.9
       Alice Forsgren, 80, died today at 12:30 a.m. at her residence, 737 Thirteenth East street, of causes incident to age.
       She was born in Salt Lake City, June 12, 1854, daughter of John E. and Sarah Bell Davis Forsgren.  She was married at the early age of 15 to Hyrum Smith, from whom she later separated.  There was a daughter to the union, Imogene Smith, who died several years ago.
       Resuming her maiden name, Miss Forsgren established one of the first dressmaking businesses in Brigham City, and subsequently resided and conducted dressmaking parlors in Park City, Idaho Falls, St. Anthony and Ashton, Ida.
       She retired about 12 years ago and entered the Sarah Daft Home.  She was a member of the mother church of the Christian Scientist religion.
       Surviving is a brother, John H. Forsgren, Salt lake.
       Funeral services will be conducted Thursday at 1 p.m. in the S.T. Ricketts mortuary, 344 East First South Street, under the direction of the Christian Scientist church.  Burial will be in the family plot in Brigham City cemetery.

Box Elder News, 15 March 1935 (front page)
     ALICE FORSGREN IS LAID AT REST;  Funeral Services for Former Brigham City Woman Held Thursday
     Impressive funeral services for Alice Forsgren, 80, who died in Salt Lake City on Tuesday, were held Thursday at 1 p.m. at the S.T. Ricketts Mortuary.  A number of local people attended the services.   Interment was made in the Brigham City cemetery.
     She was born in Salt Lake City, June 12, 1854, daughter of John E. and Sarah Bell Davis Forsgren.  She was married at the early age of 15 years to Hyrum Smith, from whom she later separated.  There was a daughter to this union, Immogene Smith Carey, who died several years ago.
     Resuming her maiden name, Miss Forsgren established one of the first dress making establishements in Brigham City, and subsequently resided and conducted dress-making parlors in Park City, Idaho Falls, St. Anthony andAshton, Idaho.   From Ashton she went to Hollywood, where she was employed for some time as designer and dress-maker in one of the large establishments there.  She retired about twelve years ago and upon returning to Brigham City made her home for about three years with her brother, the late C.W. Forsgren.  Soon after the death of her daughter she decided to enter the Sarah Daft Home in Salt Lake City, where she remained until her death.
     She is survived by one brother, John H. Forsgren of Salt Lake.

The Sarah Daft Home where Alice lived in her later years
737 S. 13th E., Salt Lake City, Utah
The home is just a few blocks from where her brother John Heber lived with his wife Lydia Walker

The Sarah Daft Home is the oldest continually operating assisted living facility in Utah. It was established in the name of Sarah Ann Daft in 1911 and began its operation at its present historical location in 1913. There are thirty-nine rooms available for residents to rent on a monthly basis. The philosophy of the Sarah Daft Home is to preserve the individuality and privacy of each resident while providing for their basic daily needs. This home is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.   Alice is listed as living there as early in the 1930 Census.

Brigham City Cemetery E-1-6-2;   (Sexton's record lists d.o.b. 12 June 1854)
Alice Forsgren's Death Certificate
DEATH: Certificate #483 (Utah Death Certificates 1904-1956) online
Alice Forsgren
Died:  12 Mar 1935 age 80 yrs, 9 months, 0 days at the Sarah Daft Home, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., Utah.  Cause Uraemia and chronic nephritis
Usual residence:  737 South 13th East [Sarah Daft Home] for 8 years
female, white, divorced from husband Hyrum Smith
born June 12 1854 Brigham City, Utah
Father:  John Eric Forsgren, born Sweden
Mother: Sarah Bell Davis, born Pennsylvania
Informant J.H. Forsgren 1897 15th East, S.L. City, Ut
Burial, Brigham City, Utah 3/14/1935;  undertaker S T Ricketts, 344 E. 1st So., SLC, Utah

COMMENTS :  [From my PAF notes on Sarah Alice Forsgren]
    I have wished I knew more details of the life of Alice Forsgren and her marriage to Hyrum James Smith.  It was't until I read the life history of Knud Eli Forsgren and Frances Mary Smith that I began to see the interesting interfamily connections. 
     The father of Frances Mary Smith was Samuel Smith who had five wives.
          The FIRST was Mary Ann Line who was the father of Hyrum James Smith who married Alice Forsgren (she was age 16).
         The SECOND wife was Sarah Jane Ingram or Ingraham who was the mother of Francis Mary Smith (wife of K. Eli Forsgren).
         The FIFTH wife was Francis Ann Ingram or Ingraham who was the mother of Esther Ann Smith who married Charles William Forsgren, Alice's older brother. 
     In addition the life sketch of Frances Ann Ingram it states that William Davis (who was the spouse of Christena Erika Forsgren) took in Sarah Jane and Frances' brother Richard when the three were left stranded by their uncle who went off in search of gold.   The two girls were given food and shelter by Sarah Wooding Smith - mother of Samuel who later married them both.
     There must have been a great deal of Forsgren/Smith inter-relations in Brigham City as the early settlement developed.  
     We do not know Alice's frame of mind.   Was she ever an "active" Latter-day Saint?    Did an early marriage sour her toward the church and polygamy  (tho she was not a polygamist's wife).   Did her split with Hyrum come about because she already differed in her feelings toward the Church? Hyrum is the one who initiated the divorce proceedings, not Alice.   (Hyrum Smith later becomes an important Church and Civic leader in Idaho with his second wife).  Did she become disenchanted because her father, John Erik Forsgren had become disenchanted with the Church and its leaders?  Or were there hurt and angry feelings projected by Alice's mother Sarah Bell Davis who had already separated from John Erick and had married Mr. Clapper by the time Alice was only 5 years old.  Alice  was only 9 years old when her mother died.  Was her early marriage to Hyrum Smith a means of "taking care of her" - an arrangement urged by caring brothers?
     All I know so far (Sept, 2004) is that she did not remain in the church and died as a practicing Christian Scientist.    I don't know if she and Mr. Smith remained "friends."    She lived in the Bear Lake area with her daughter (Imogene) and son-in-law at the same time that Hyrum Smith was in the Riverdale/Preston area with his second wife Cornelia Elvira.  Imogene seems also to have never been active in the LDS Church... at least after she married Edgar E. Carey.   When each of them died their funerals were conducted by Protestant ministers.  Perhaps understanding a little more of the difficult life she might have led as a child and young woman she should be greatly lauded for making such a success of herself as a single woman in the world.
      Eli and Francis Mary Smith Forsgren settled in Riverdale because her [half-] brother Hyrum was there.   (She would have felt very close to Hyrum since his mother took Frances into their home to raise after the early & unexpected death of her own mother).  The descendants of Eli/Francis Forsgren and of Hyrum / Elvira Smith populated the area for many years and most are buried in the Riverdale City Cemetery.

The only child born to Alice Forsgren and Hyrum Smith was Imogene Smith, born 14 Sept or Nov of 1876 in Brigham City, Box Elder Co.  Imogene was also known as "Jean" or "Gene" in her lifetime.  She died 8 Nov 1924 after a surgery for stomach cancer in Idaho Falls,  Bannock Co., Idaho.  She is buried by her mother in the Brigham City Cemetery.
     Gene married Edgar E. Carey (sometimes spelled Cary) the 21 Nov 1895 in Paris, Bear Lake Co., Idaho.  There were no children born to this marriage.  [I have no photos of either Imogene or Edgar Carey]

BURIAL: Brigham City Cem E-1-16-3; Sexton's records list Sept 14th as d.o.b.  [Her headstone photo is shown above with her mother's]

OBITUARY: Box Elder Journal, Thursday, Nov 13, 1924 p.1
     MRS CAREY DIED ASHTON, IDAHO - Leaves Many Friends in Brigham City Who Knew Her Years Ago
      The many girlhood friends of Imogene Smith Carey will be pained to learn that she passed to that better life Saturday, November 8, 1924, as the result of an operation for cancer of the stomach.
      She rallied from the anesthetic but grew gradually weaker until the end came four days later, Saturday noon. The operation was performed in an Idaho Falls hospital. The body was taken back to their home town - Ashton, Idaho, where all that loving friends could do was done to alleviate the sorrow of the bereaved husband.
      Funeral services were held in Ashton, Wednesday, November 12, under the direction of Rev. Meridith. After the services the body was shipped to Brigham City in care of Bishop Horace A. Hess of Ashton. A wealth of floral offerings accompanied the body from Idaho.
      Funeral services will be held this afternoon at the home of her uncle, Charles W. Forsgren. Interment will take place in the Brigham City cemetery.
      Mrs. Carey is survived by her husband, Edgar E. Carey; her mother Mrs. Alice Forsgren; her father, Hyrum Smith of Riverside, Idaho; her husband's mother, Mrs. Dr. Middelton of California, and a host of loving relatives in this city.
      Imogene Smith Carey was born in this city November 14, 1876 and grew to young womanhood here in the home of her uncle, J. H. Forsgren. Her loving, unselfish disposition endeared her to all that had the privilege of knowing her.
      When Gene was just blooming into womanhood she and her mother moved to Montpelier, Idaho, where she made the acquaintance of Edgar E. Carey, a splendid young man and a photographer by trade. They were married in Paris, Idaho, when Gene was about 23 years of age. They later moved to Ashton, their present home.
      No children came to bless their union, so now Mr. Carey is alone with the two mothers. The sympathy of many communities goes out to the bereaved ones for Gene was loved by all her friends in Brigham, Ashton, St. Anthony and Idaho Falls."

CARD OF THANKS - We take this means of expressing to our friends and neighbors, the deep appreciation we feel for the many acts of kindness shown to us in the laying away of our beloved daughter, Mrs. Imogene Smith Carey. MRS. ALICE FORSGREN AND THE FORSGREN FAMILIES.
(Box Elder Journal, Monday, Nov. 17, 1924)

Idaho Falls Daily Post, Wed, Nov 12, 1924 p. 5 Deaths
Mrs. Geane Cary
     Mrs Geane Cary, wife of Ed Cary, of Ashton, died Saturday morning at a local hospital, after several days illness. Mrs. Cary was about 48 years old and has been a resident of Idaho for many years, where she has a host of friends. The body was taken to Ashton, where the funeral services were held Wed. afternoon. Internment will be in the Ashton Cemetery. [This is wrong. The body was taken to Brigham City. A search was also made at BYU-Idaho library in the Fremont Co. News which likely would have had a more extensive obituary. However their microfilmed copy of that newspaper goes from 1922 to 1925, skipping 1923 and 1924.]
Note: A search of Brigham City 1st, 2nd & 3rd ward records and Ashton, Idaho wards show no listing for Imogene's baptism. In fact, neither she nor her mother Alice are mentioned anywhere in the membership records. Obit says she was reared in John Heber's home. He did not move to Salt Lake until abt. 1926 so she should have been listed with his family. Neither she nor Alice show up in the LDS Church Censuses under Smith or Carey. Given that her funeral (and Edgar's) were conducted by Protestant ministers I make the assumption she was NOT an active member of the LDS Church. The Bishop who accompanied her body to Utah may have been asked to do so by family members in Utah. (Adele Austin, Fors. Fam. Assn. Secy 7/30/ 2004)
Edgar E. Carey , born 15 Sep 1879 in Waite, Washington Co., Maine to George F. Carey and Adelia (Della or Delia) Ripley .  Died 30 Mar 1949 in St. anthony, Fremont Co., Idaho.  Buried 2 April 1949 in Riverview Cemetery, St. Anthony.  (Various records give alternate years of birth for Ed)

NAME NOTE: In not one of the many records I have searched on Edgar E. Carey have I yet seen anything that suggests what the middle Initial E. stands for.

AGE NOTE: Further research is needed to find an actual birth date since 1869, 1873, 1874, 1876 and 1879 are all estimated or given dates of birth in various records.
PEOPLE SUBMITTING INFORMATION TO ANCESTRY.COM lists Edgar's birth as 1872 (lists Edgar as living) does not list Edgar

LAND RECORDS: A search of Fremont Co. land record books was made in July 2006 by Adele Austin in St. Anthony. Dr. Middleton acquired several plots of land on Block 37 of St. Anthony. It later passed into the hands of his wife Delia (Edgar's mother) and then was sold or given to Edgar... Portions of the land sold to others over a period of time and eventually Alice, Ed's second wife, then married to Mr. Percey sells it. The transactions also involve some farm land and the daughter of Dr.Middleton, Myrtle Kays of Eugene,Oregon. This block is the one situated directly across the street from the Fremont County Courthouse. Two buildings still standing may have been their home.

There are many transactions - the most pertinent are summarized here:
Misc Recs. Book D p. 440 Apr 13, 1912 No. 43813 Estate of W.J. Middleton - land goes to Delia.
Book 20 Deeds p. 326 #74367 24 June 1918 Delia Middleton, a widow sells to Edgar E. Carey of Ashton SW one quarter of Section 11 Twp (8) North, Range 42, East Boise Meridian w/ water rights
Book 25 p. 414, Oct. 31, 1922 Myrtle Kays of Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon - Quit Claim of above property
Book 52 p.. 348 # 264824 Warrenty dead 1 Oct 1948 E.E. Carey & Alice Carey sell part to M.N. & Thora Brisbane
Book 36 p. 636 Jan 15 1936 Delia Middleton deeds to Edgar E. Carey lots 1-6 of Block 37
Misc. Rec Book N p. 37 May 21 1951 Probate Court - in the matter of the estate of Edgar E.Carey, dec'd. "The petition of Alice Carey Percey, surviving widow of and heir-at-law of Edgar E. Carey, dec'd.
Said Edgar E. Carey, dec'd, died on or abt. March 30, 1949 at Fremont Co., Idaho and at the time of the death was a ressident of said County and State and left an estate consisting of an undivided 1/2 community interest in lots 8 & 10 of Block 37 ... & 1/2 interest in lot 20, block 37... (three properties total)
...Alice Carey Percey inherits the whole of the estate of said dec'd by virtue of survivorship. E.E. Carey died intestate. Date May 21, 1951."
Book 76 p. 333 (Warrenty Deed No. 306216) Nov. 1, 1965 "Indenture made this 1 June 1953 by and between Alice Carey Percey of Idaho Falls, Bonneville Co., Idaho and Emmit and Leona W. Hunter of St. Anthony - $12,600. Lots 9 & 10 of Block 27

CENSUS: 1880 Federal Census of Fort Collins, Larimer, Colorado lists Edgar below Della Carey, age 7 <1873>. She is age 27 (married- they appear to be living in a boarding house or hotel, her occupation is Dining room waiter; She is listed under the name of the lady who is "Keeping Hotel") p. 27A (SL film # 1254092)

1920 Census of Ashton, Fremont Idaho, Ed 159 sheet 1A enum 2 & 3 Jan 1920 line 12
Carey, Edgar E, head, age 47, md, farmer (owns farm), he & both parents born Maine
Carey, Imogene, wife, age 42, md. she and both parents born Utah

1930 Fed. Census, Ashton, Fremont, Idaho ED22-3 Sheet 1 B enum. 29 Apr 1930
Carey, Edgar E, head, owns home, value 1285, age 54 <1876>, md, age at first marriage: 21 <1874>, farmer, he and both parents born Maine.
Carey, Alice M, wife, age 36, md, age at first marriage: 15, she and both parents born North Carolina
Bernard, Lynn A, age 19, born Idaho,a laborer is also living with them.
[Res. note: Was Alice M. Bell married previously? Age 15 at time of first marriage????]

DEATH: Idaho Death Index, 1911-1951 on Ancestry.Com. Death Certif #000964
(This reference lists date of birth as 15 Sept 1879 but previous census records confirm an earlier date 1873 or 1876)
Idaho Falls Reg FHC.,Eastern Idaho Death Records. gives 15 Sept 1869 birth to George Carey and Della Rupley. States Edgar died in a St. Anthony Hospital. Their sources are Post Register 1 Apr 1949 p. 2 & 4th p. 12.

OBITUARY: Salt Lake Tribune, Saturday, April 2, 1949 p. 26
ST. ANTHONY, Ida.--- Funeral services for Edgar (Ed) E. Carey, 69, who died Wednesday in a St. Anthony hospital, will be conducted Saturday at 2 p.m. in the St. Anthony Community church by Rev. Earl McConnelee, pastor.
    Burial will be in Riverview Memorial Park. Friends may call at the Hansen's mortuary chapel until time of services.
     Mr. Carey was born Sept. 15, 1879, at Waite, Me., son of George and Della Ripley Carey. He came to Idaho in 1886 with his parents who located at Montpelier. Later the family moved to Idaho Falls.
     He married Jean Smith at Idaho Falls in 1890. In 1898 they moved to St. Anthony and installed the first telephone here. In 1907 he purchased a farm near Ashton. Mrs. Carey died 25 years ago at Ashton.
     Mr. Carey married Alice Bell April 23, 1925. In 1936 they moved to St. Anthony where they have since resided.
     Mr. Carey is survived by his widow."

[This is a good example of an obituary providing good genealogical clues but also being full of inaccurate information. For example, age and year of birth of Edgar are wrong, wife's name is inaccurate as well as date and place of that marriage. But it is good to remember that obit information would have been provided by the SECOND wife, far removed from knowledge of earlier events).

An additional obituary is found in the Fremont Co. News, St. Anthony, Thurs. Apr. 7,1949 . Some basic facts differ. "He married Jean Smith at Idaho Falls in 1900." It also says that he and Alice Bell moved in 1926 to St. Anthony. There is additional great detail about the actual funeral services held at the St. Anthony Community Church, pallbearers, flower carriers, etc. with the addition of naming the cemetery: Riverview Memorial Park.

Another obituary published in the [Idaho Falls] Post-Register is found with the funeral records now in possession of the Flamm Funeral home in St. Anthony. One article gives date of birth as 1869. One gives 1879. One says he engaged in the phototherapy business. It adds that in 1907 he purchased a farm near Ashton where his first wife died. This obit. says that he came to Montpelier when 7 yrs. old

Record of Funeral p. 125 - Now in possession of Bert Flamm Funeral Home in St. Anthony, Idaho.No. 1881, Yearly No. 18, Date of Entry. Apr. 6, 1949 (photocopy in possess. of Fors. Fam. Assn.)
Edgar E. Carey White, married, Residence: St.Anthony, Idaho, Husband of Alice Bell Carey.
Occupation: retired Farmer
Date of Death: March 30 1949 5 p.m.
Date of Birth: September 15, 1879 69 years 6 mo. 15 days
Date of Funeral: Apr. 2, Sat, 2 p.m.
Services at Comunity Church; clergyman Rev. Earl C. McConnelee
Birthplace: Waite, Maine. Resided in the state since 1886
Place of death: St. Anthony, Idaho of Myocardial infarction, contributed to by cerebral thrombus, benign Prostatic Hypertrophy. attending physician Dr. Carl D. Lusty of St. Anthony.
Name of father: George Carey born Maine
Name of Mother: Delia Ripley, born Maine.
Intured in Riverview Cemetery, St. Anthony
Total costs: $777.00

1895 - Edgar and and Imogene both living in Montpelier, Idaho at time of their marriage in Paris, ID
1900 - They are living in Idaho Falls, Bingham Co, ID (1900 Census. She is "the mother of 0 children")
1910 - Cannot find them in censuses of Idaho, Utah or Wyoming
1920 - They are in Ashton, Fremont Co, Idaho (no children) (1920 Census)
1924 - Imogene dies in Idaho Falls, Bingham Co, Idaho
1925 - Edgar marries Alice M. Bell
1930 - He is in Ashland still but with wife Alice M. (no children)
1949 - Edgar dies in St. Anthony, Fremont Co. Idaho
Riverview Cemetery, St. Anthony, Idaho

The Community Church in St. Anthony where services were held for Edgar E Carey 

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